About Us

Green Cleaning


Green cleaning is the only environmental cleaning service for your home or work settings that values the health of your family. We focus on weekly cleaning services; however, consider bi-weekly or monthly cleaning, depending on client’s specification which is our main precedence. Whilst cleaning your premises, our flexibility and enhanced cleaning models ascertain that we execute related tasks without interrupting your system. As such, your workforce proceeds with production and packaging and distribution process as scheduled. We work with a wide range of clients from real estate, retailing stores, learning institutions, medical centers and the aforementioned homes among others.

Green Chemicals


We use different types of green chemicals in cleaning provisions; however, our main focus is not the type of the chemical, but how it affects your premises. Thus, we provide green chemicals depending on the client’s environmental setting. For instance, if employer A owns a retail store, whereas B owns a warehouse, we offer a similar green cleaning procedure encompassing alike green chemicals. However, if A owns a learning institution and B claims a medical center, the provisions are distinct. This is regardless that green solution is all-purpose and therefore user friendly. It is their formulation that determines what solution our professional staff will use in your work or home settings.

Hygiene Cleaning


We provide superior hygiene, cleaning services that are environmentally friendly, solutions that are healthy for your family, customers and/or office staff. If are concerned about the health of your family and workers, yet you need a hygiene, cleaning provider, we are the perfect choice for green cleaning provisions. We observe high standard of hygiene in our cleaning endeavors. We deploy cleaning processes that adhere to hygiene standards set by government health sectors. As such, we develop specific comprehensive cleaning procedures for each client depending on their location and carry outs. Therefore, before commencing hygiene, cleaning, we sent an expert to analyze the premises before further proceeds.

Our Services

CleanSoft - Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane
Monthly Inspection Procedure and Reporting Findings to Clients

We continually identify new methods of guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Quality customer service is the focus of our green cleaning solution. Therefore, we train our staff to develop good listening skills and paying attention to small details. Thus, we keep in touch with our clients via our qualified staff through communication enhanced by modern communication devices and platforms such as social media. As a result, we are able to gather quality reports and new findings useful in crafting monthly, bi-weekly and weekly reports showcasing the quality of our provision to clients. It assures clients of a quality monthly report from cleansoft.

CleanSoft - Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane
Police Checked Cleaning Staff

To guarantee the provision of services within the accepted range, we employ certified personnel. Without qualified expertise, cleaning procedure will be distorted and the solutions will not improve the nature of your work or home settings. To assure quality services, employees pass through rigorous police background checks. Additionally, we only hire staff with experience in green cleaning solutions. Green cleaning is distinct from chemical cleaning in a multitude of ways, thus the necessity to evaluate employees joining our organization via police background checks.

CleanSoft - Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane
Reliable and Fully Trained Staff for Any Kind of Alarm Systems

After profiling applicants via police background checks, we proceed to inviting them to interviews. Our interviews encompasses a series of questions to ascertain that we are employing fully trained and reliable experts who can adjust to the different green cleaning environment which often requires diverse application system. Moreover, we are providing training sessions for different kind of alarm systems. Therefore, your employees will apprehend how to enable and disable the alarm system when they turn up for work or leave in the evening. As such, we curb all insecurity concerns.

CleanSoft - Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane
Backup Staff

Our green cleaning application does not necessarily require backup staff; however, we have a support team ready to proceed to any work setting and complete a task within cited time frame. Also, backup staff is used to replace employees who call in sick or are tied up with family affairs. Our employee grouping (experienced workers, backup staff, and rookies) determines how we will deploy them in terms of emergency or to simply enhance efficiency. Similarly, employment of the staff members is different. The first team members and backup staff pass through rigorous examination as earlier mentioned, whilst rookies are hired based on their working hours.

CleanSoft - Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane
Fully Insured Staff

Majority of cleaning service previsions is hazardous. Our employees have to reach out to weird places to affirm that we clean all places as agreed. Therefore, by using certain equipment and climbing high-end walls, these staff subjects their health and overall life in danger each second of the cleaning procedure. Therefore, whilst few staff has health insurance, we take insurance covers to protect their lives. You thus do not need to worry about compensation claims in the event of an accident within your premises. Besides, before advancing to executing cleaning services, we analyze your business or home environment for safety concerns.

CleanSoft - Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane
All Equipment Tested and Tagged

When you hire our cleaning services, you do not need to worry about the dangers associated with our application equipments. Perhaps, you have witnessed contractors leaving behind tiny items that injure your staff. Well, that is not the case with our provisions. Note that, our equipments tested and tagged by healthy institutions as safe to use. Furthermore, each procedure that we undertake encompasses special application methods. Our staffs are trained to collect and pack equipment after each procedure. What’s more, each procedure has a supervisor and the entire project has an inspector from our chain of command to confirm top service provision.

CleanSoft - Commercial Cleaning in Brisbane
OHS Compliant

When you hire our services, the foremost aspect that you need to flush out is significant fines and penalties. Furthermore, a safe working environment improves the performance of employees as a result augment company revenue. Occupational health, safety complaint (OHS) can only emerge if you take no notice of hiring experts to complete the project in time. Moreover, you ought to mull over who you need to hire. Note: our services are not simply exceptional, but create the best first impression about your business – an eco-friendly environment.